Welcome to Leadership and Educational Studies

 The Department of Leadership and Educational Studies prepares students for employment in a wide variety of teaching, administrative and service roles in:

  • public schools
  • public and school libraries
  • four-year colleges and universities
  • community colleges
  • adult education
  • educational media and instructional technology

While most courses provided by departmental faculty support Certificate, Master's and Educational Specialist's programs, Educational Foundations offers the Critical Perspectives of Learning and Teaching course, a required course for all ASU teacher education majors. This is an interdisciplinary class dedicated to the interpretive and normative examination and evaluation of teaching and learning in American schools and society.

The following graduate programs are offered in Leadership and Educational Studies:

Graduate Certificates 

Master's Programs

Master of Arts in Educational Media: Instructional Technology

Master of Arts in Higher Education

Library Science (MLS)

School Administration (MSA)

Education Specialist's Programs

Educational Specialist (EdS) in Higher Education

Provides students who have earned a Master's degree an opportunity to advance their careers in community colleges, four-year colleges or in organizations and institutions which provide adult education programs and services. Concentrations in the following areas:

Educational Administration (EdS)

Provides students who have earned a Master's degree an opportunity to earn additional graduate work in educational administration. This degree leads to sixth-year licensure.