Graduate Assistantships

Am I eligible to hold an assistantship?

In order to be considered for a graduate assistantship, you must be:

  • enrolled in a graduate degree program. If you are not a degree-seeking student, you are not eligible. Students enrolled in certificate programs who are not also enrolled in a degree program are not eligible. Non-degree and licensure students are not eligible.
  • admitted without provision. If you were admitted provisionally, you are not eligible for graduate assistantships during your first semester, but you may hold one after that.
  • a full-time graduate student, enrolled for 9 to 12 semester hours during the fall/spring semester. Courses must be graduate level courses or required prerequisite courses listed on the program of study. The only exception to the full-time rule is for students in their semester of graduation, in which case you can be enrolled in 6 hours instead of 9 to 12.
  • performing academically to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
  • priority for assistantships will go to students majoring in a program from the Leadership and Educational Studies Department, but successful candidates from other departments are encouraged to apply.

Students interested in Graduate Assistantships should note their interest in their online application when applying. More information on GA positions can be found here:

What does a graduate assistantship entail?

Assistantships in the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies require a student to complete 300 hours of work per semester. This averages out to 20 hours per week. Assignments vary depending on the needs of our faculty. Graduate Assistants are typically assigned to work with two or more faculty members on projects. In past years projects have included research and literature reviews, media transcription, Faculty Emeritus publication, instructional technology training, teaching assistance, etc.

Graduate Assistants are assigned to work with faculty from all of our programs. This allows students to gain a wide range of educational leadership knowledge and experience.

What is the compensation for an assistantship?

Assistantships are considered paid employment; you will be expected to work 20 hours a week for each 15 week semester (300 hours total per semester). Salaries vary from year to year, but the minimum for a full assistantship during a semester is $3500. As employment, you are subject to the usual state and federal employment taxes.

Important note: You still have to pay tuition and fees; these are not included in your assistantship compensation. Health benefits are not included in your assistantship compensation either, but all full-time students pay a health services fee that covers use of the on-campus clinic.

What is the application process?

Admitted students interested in applying for a graduate assistantship with our department must submit the Leadership and Educational Studies Graduate Assistantship Application (PDF, 127 KB), along with a recent resume to:

Jackie Ward, Administrative Assistant
Leadership and Educational Studies
ASU Box 32086
Boone, NC 28607
(828) 262-2124
(828) 262-6035 (fax)