Dr. Patti Levine-Brown

Patti is currently an assistant professor in the department of Leadership and Educational Studies at Appalachian State University. She received a doctorate in higher education, with a concentration in community college leadership, from the University of Texas at Austin. Additionally, she holds an Ed.S in developmental Education from Appalachian State where she also completed the Kellogg Institute earning a certificate as a Developmental Education Specialists.

She also serves as the Faculty Research Associate for the National Center for Developmental Education, helping to prepare and gather research that can be disseminated in colleges nationwide. She and Wes Anthony, the NCDE Director, will be completing a Developmental Education Review for the Indiana University of Pennsylvania University (IUPU) Developmental Education Program this coming fall of 2020.

Patti has published a number of articles and texts related to the field, primarily in the disciplines of English and reading, and prior to coming to Appalachian State she worked a number of years in the community and state college system in Florida. During her tenure in Florida she served as president of the Florida College Reading Council, on the board of the Florida Developmental Education Association (FDEA), and in 2013 served as the president of the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE), the largest organization of professional developmental educators in the country. Her areas of expertise included the following:

  1. Developmental education
  2. Student access and success
  3. Meta-major pathways
  4. Early College and college readiness programs
  5. Professional development training
  6. Online teaching
Title: Associate Professor of Higher Education
Department: Department of Leadership and Educational Studies

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