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Brandy BrysonBrandy S. Bryson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

I am a social justice visionary! Supporting humanity's growth and development in racial literacy and social justice practice is paramount to all areas of my work. I firmly believe that we must garner the knowledge and understanding of the ways in which social inequality and systems of racism are deeply and structurally embedded in the fabric of society and societal institutions so that we can make decisions for a better tomorrow. Consequently, my scholarship and teaching focuses on understanding and critiquing systems of racism and white supremacy in society writ large and in educational institutions, pre-K to doctorate. I am passionate about positive and equitable change and love working with others who are thoughtfully committed to the cause!

Greg McClureGreg McClure, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

I am a proud Boone-A-Rang who completed an undergraduate degree here at App State and I'm thrilled to call Boone my home again. As a faculty member in the college of education, I draw on a diverse range of experiences to shape the work I do. While I have worked in public schools for many years as an ESL teacher, my work as an educator began in the multilingual highlands of Guatemala where I served as a human rights observer during the last years of the country's civil war. As a result, I bring a commitment to equity and social justice to my work as teacher. What began for me as a commitment to justice, dignity, and human rights has evolved into a professional and academic career focused on understanding the ways language, culture, and power intersect and play out in educational practices. I continue to develop a vision of education that relies as much on compassion, creativity, and action as it does on standards, assessment, and classroom management. I believe such a vision is essential if education is to provide thoughtful and responsive solutions to the complex issues facing our communities today.

Chris OsmondChris Osmond, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

My bread-and-butter teaching in the College of Education works to help teachers become agents of change in the lives of the students they touch, both by working to interrupt cultural stories about who is good at school and who isn't and by making structural and political changes to the way we populate, fund, and staff our schools. I came to Boone in 2010 after five years on the faculty of the School of Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill, where I began to learn how reading and writing stories can help doctors practice more compassionate and sustainable care. I am fired up about burnout! How can we learn to thrive in our chosen professions - not just survive them? What do great caring professionals who touch thousands of lives, year after year, have in common? What can professors like me do to help students like you, at this point in your lives, to connect your life choices with the deepest and most sacred parts of yourselves: to bring "who you are to what you do?" These are sustainability questions to me - because the people who choose to become our teachers, nurses, social workers, therapists, and doctors are a precious resource, and must be valued and nurtured as certainly as our physical world must be. Learn more at!

Theresa RedmondTheresa Redmond, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

Theresa Redmond is an Assistant Professor at Appalachian State University where she teaches face-to-face and online in both undergraduate and graduate programs within Media Studies and Teacher Education. Her research and creative endeavors focus on pedagogy in teaching and learning with, through, and about media and technology and on how media and communication technologies impact the nature of literacy, fluency, and expression in today's digital world. CCurrently Theresa is involved in studies related to media literacy assessment and nonlinear pedagogies for enacting critical media literacy in the 21st century. Theresa has published a number of manuscripts in peer-reviewed venues, including the Journal of Media Literacy Education, Voices from the Middle, and the Middle School Journal. Her creative scholarly works have been repro-duced in both print and pixel forms, including in the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy and the Journal of Literacy and Language Education. The themes of literacy and fluency examined throughout her research are evident in her production work as she seeks to blend physical and digital mediums in an exploration of human ideas, images, and experiences. Theresa is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Media Literacy Education and a member on the National Association for Media Literacy Education's Leadership Council.