General Education

raised fists logo with title "Critical Consciousness: learning for equity and justice theme"

  • FRUSTRATED with how the media portrays women and minoritized groups?
  • INTERESTED in working for racial justice?
  • WANT TO TAKE ACTION to create a more just and sustainable democracy?


Critical Consciousness: Learning for Equity and Justice

Critical consciousness involves understanding social, political, cultural and economic injustice in the world and actively challenging those injustices. This Gen Ed theme seeks students who think critically about their world and want to make a positive difference in their local and global communities.

As part of ASU's Gen Ed 2.0, beginning in 2015 all incoming students must participate in an "Integrated Learning Experience" (ILE) which consists of taking 3 courses in a theme. The Critical Consciousness theme will give you the opportunity to examine some of the most pressing social and political issues facing our communities today. This theme will also help you satisfy your Social Science and Literary designation requirements for Gen Ed.

"As we work toward making meaningful and significant changes on our campus, we cannot help but bear in mind the national conversations that are taking place. These conversations inform our community, but they do not have to define it. We must and will take ownership of our own community and define it for ourselves. Together, we will stand in unity to build and support a just and equitable society, and together, we will reap and share the benefits."

- ASU Chancellor Sheri N. Everts