Jim Jackson Scholarship

The Jim Jackson Scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in the Higher Education Graduate Program who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance.


  1. Enrolled in Graduate School and satisfactorily completion of at least six hours of coursework toward a degree in Higher Education
  2. Enrolled, each semester, in at least six graduate hours of study
  3. (priority) Demonstrate a need for financial assistance to the satisfaction of the Selection Committee


The scholarship is awarded in amounts of $500 to $1000 for the academic year. Unless indicated otherwise, one half of the total disbursement will be made at the beginning of each semester, including, when appropriate, summer school.


The Student Development Office, in consultation with the Foundation, will notify the Financial Aid Office of the amount of the scholarship allocation by February 28th of each year.

To Apply

Higher Education students interested in applying for the Jim Jackson Scholarship can find more information here.

Priority Deadline: March 15 (Funds will be allocated as long as funding permits. Students are encouraged to apply early.)

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is to be made up of the chairperson of the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies and two faculty members, selected by the Chair, from the Department.

Selection Process

The Selection Committee will collect applications and conduct the selection process in accordance with the guidelines detailed above and University policies. Upon completion of the process, the Committee Selection Chair will give the name(s) of the recipients(s) to the Financial Aid Office.