Mary Kistler Scholarship

Established in 1991 by Mr. Thomas L. Kistler in loving memory of his wife, Mary Jane Kistler, this scholarship is designed to assist students enrolled in educational leadership programs. Mr. Kistler, a structural engineer, resides in Mooresville, NC.


  1. Must have met requirements for admission to a graduate degree program for one of the following program areas: Community Education, Developmental Education, Public School Administration, Adult Education, or Educational Leadership*
  2. Must demonstrate financial need
  3. Must maintain a satisfactory academic performance 3.0 GPA

*preference to those in the program area of Community Education.


The amount varies every year, but generally is between $500-600.

To Apply

To be considered, applicants must either be currently enrolled students or have a complete application on file.

Follow the directions to apply.

Priority Deadline: March 15 (Funds will be allocated as long as funding permits. Students are encouraged to apply early.)